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Vendor Managed Inventory Programs


Guaranteed Stock Program

The customer and the Myriad Industries sales representative develop a list of products and the minimum quantities to be stocked at the Myriad Industries distribution center.  Customer orders placed before 3:30p.m. will have guaranteed delivery within 24-48 hours.


Vendor Managed Inventory Program

A Myriad Industries representative will manage the customer inventory based on a mutually agreed upon list of items using a min/max system.  This service is usually performed weekly, but can be done on any schedule.  Additionally, Myriad Industries will stock back-up inventory at its distribution center to assure uninterrupted service in the event of a manufacturing problem with our vendor.


Blanket Order Program

The customer can place orders with Myriad Industries for future delivery.  We will bring in stock and hold it until the date specified on the purchase order.  Multiple delivery dates can be put on a single purchase order.

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